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I will be the future lighting industry leader
Is the video effect a DMX technology? No, digital LED is easy to implement and do not need to know any professional technology.
Digital LED is a smart LED, which is completely different from ordinary LED in terms of use and aplication.
Digital LED products will replace the application of ordinary LED products in the market in the future. This will be another flyby for the upgrade of Christmas lights. Just like the original ordinary LED replaced the rice bulb products.
But now there are many customers who don't know about digital LEDs. They think that digital LED products are the DMX products on the market today. In fact, from a technical point of view, these are two completely different products. From an application point of view, The Digital LED will seize the market, replaced the DMX device, leading the entire lighting industry.
The main difference:
1.DMX products requires certain professional technical staff to achieve many effecs. With the advent of digital LEDs, this technology will no longer be a professional technology. One touch to achieve the different effect.
2.Previously, vendors only sold products and could not use their own products to help their end customers achieve the effect. Only professionals technical staff can help customers achieve that. If the current vendors choose the digital LED, it can easily help his end customers achieve any effects they want. And they don't need to learn any professional technical. One touch can achieve the effects.
3.The digital LED technology achieves the effect is more stable than that of use DMX technology. Changing the effect, no need to disassemble and replace the product. DMX applications are very troublesome in terms of installation, debugging, and maintenance. With the advent of digital LEDs, installation and debugging are extremely simple, basically without to maintenance in the future.
Ordinary LED products have been used in the field of Christmas lights for nearly 20 years. In these 20 years, LED product technology is also maturing, and lighting products are constantly upgrading. But the birth of digital LED, it will subvert the entire project lighting and Christmas light products market applications. Compared with ordinary LEDs, digital LEDs are not only changed in product structure, but also in changing styles. More importantly, a major breakthrough has occurred from the principle of product technology. It directly replaces DMX product technology.
In the next 2 or 3 years, digital LED products will seize 70% of the general LED product market. If anyone is ahead of the digital LED at this time, whoever seizes the market opportunity.

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