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Lejin Company Halloween carnival night

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As night fell, a large group of zombies and evil spirits from all parts of the park gathered on the sunshine harbor stage, officially kicked off this year's Halloween.After an opening performance, all the ghosts began to cruise along the main road, all the way to shake the head, "pretend ghost", many tourists follow the ghosts dance step up, the scene can only be described as "group dance"!After 7 o 'clock, the whole sunshine harbor area was invaded by a wave of orcs. The scene of the battle between man and beast was staged in front of the tourists. The daring tourists came forward to take photos with the ghosts and interacted with them.Everyone screams together, fun and games, the scene is very lively!

In addition to the garden of horror decoration, colorful lighting is also a highlight of this year's Halloween!Halloween is no longer all about ghosts and ghosts.The vast universe, mysterious undersea world and children's fun ground projection made up of LED environment-friendly and energy-saving light source correspond to the seven haunted houses and six haunted zones, and the psychedelic lighting and the ghostly shadow interweave together, making the night of all saints filled with suspenseful unknown and reverie infinite dreams!

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